Invitation For the Summer Solstice's Beacons

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Invitation For the Summer Solstice's Beacons Empty Invitation For the Summer Solstice's Beacons

Mensagem  Thiseas em Sab Jun 09, 2012 12:16 pm

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Greetings once again to our Brothers and Sisters of Hellenic Faith in Brazil!

As always, you are more than welcome, to this Celebration!
Even if it is Winter Solstice to your hemisphere, it is Solstice after all!
Hails and Salutations!

Beacons for the Glory of our Father, the Hyperion Sun!

Brothers and Sisters of the Old Faiths!

This is a Wide Calling wherever there is people that fight for the Ethics and the Values of the Old Faiths of the Nations!
We, Hellenes, from the Southern point of Europe, are inviting you to Honor us to the Common Celebrations and Rites for the Glory of our Father the Sun, at the Dawn of the 21st of June, when Summer Solstice will start taking place throughout the Northern hemisphere of the Earth!

This year’s Celebrations are asking for Solidarity and Brotherhood/Sisterhood, among the Children of Traditions, as this civilization seems that has reached its borders and now is starting to demolish by eating its own flesh.
Let us Proudly stand Side by Side, and Honor The Immortals by Sacredness, the element that is the most important one this world lacks…

As we do the last two years, we Hellenes from our “Oikos” (the House) of Thyrsos Organization, will Hold the Flames High at the exact time when the First Beam of the Sun enflame the Athenian Sky in Hellas Saluting the King of the Aesthetic Cosmos.

What we ask you, is to send us photos from your own celebrations and Rites in your houses or in the country so that we can collect them and present them as we always do through video clip from our homepage, as a part of the proof of the Solidarity and Unity that Holds our Tribes, our Nations, our Houses, as a common Body, the Body of Heritage and Sacredness!

Let us show to the rest of the world that the Children of the Gods stand in Unity and that has not forgotten their Ethnic Faiths and Values!

We kindly ask for your communication and participations on the e mail and we deeply thank everyone that is already Honored us the previous years.

Let us be Stronger and Stronger! For the Glory of the Sun!

Please Spread this message wherever you can!

The Fire Still Burns!
Hail the Hyperion Sun
Hail Sunna!
Hail Sonne!
Eternal Glory to the Immortals!


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