Rites for the Goddess Selene in August

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Rites for the Goddess Selene in August Empty Rites for the Goddess Selene in August

Mensagem  Thiseas em Dom Jul 29, 2012 8:52 pm

Encouragements to all Houses of the Old Ways to openly Honor the Pasiphae Selene on Full Moon occasions in August
ola brothers and sisters in Brazilian soil!
Our Oikos (House) is making all preparations, and calls-invites every brother and sister Gentiles, each Oikos of the Old Ways, for the two nights with full moon, dates in 2 and 31 in August, to honor the Selene Pasiphae offering to her breads, Precious clean water, the appropriate hymns and prayers that She deserves.
Collectively and individually, we urge each and every one, to head outdoors under the great open Sky wearing their white clothes, with lamps in their hands, mirroring the stars of the everlasting Sky down to Earth, to honor the Sister of our Hyperion Father.
As a Guide Goddess She is, in this whatever manner darkness that surrounds us, we invoking Her guiding Aspects of Renaissance which their understanding, gives us the cleansing power on our Spirit the Body and Soul.
May the Wisdom and Power, always generously offered to our Houses.
Thyrsos Hellenes Gentiles
Rites for the Goddess Selene in August Selene

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