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Invitation to Solstice's Beacons in Hellas and Brazil!

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Invitation to Solstice's Beacons in Hellas and Brazil! Empty Invitation to Solstice's Beacons in Hellas and Brazil!

Mensagem  Thiseas Ter Dez 11, 2012 8:14 am

Brothers And Sisters from Brazil!
This is our Official Invitation for the Solstice's Rites (winter's in Northen Hemisphere, Summer's in yours).
We proudly wait for your Support! May our Father the Sun, Shine upon you!

For the last two years, our House has been organizing, during the Sacred period of the Solstices - the celebration “Beacons for the Glory of the Sun”, and we kindly invite every Brother and Sister of the Old Faiths, to participate in the name of the Spirit of Unity and Solidarity among the Children of Traditions, the people of the Nations; people that did not forget their Gods and Goddesses nor their Traditions, and they will never do so!
Therefore, in this Winter Solstice of the Hellenic year 2788 after the first Olympiad, we, from the House of Thyrsos in Hellas, are once again kindly inviting all our Brothers and Sisters, wherever they may be, to Light their Altar’s Fire, raise their torches, candles or lamps in the darkest Night of the year, on December 22th, all together in the Spirit of Solidarity and Unity, Glorifying the Birth of the New Sun, The King Helios, The Sol Invictus!
On this Solstice occasion, we strongly recommend everyone this invitation has reached, to share the photos of your Celebration Night with other Communities, Organizations, Houses, families and individuals, no matter how far they may be. The Children of the Old Faiths have more things in common and they are much more valuable than those which keep us separated or at a distance, and this fact, above all, must not be forgotten!
Our e- mail for anyone who wishes to send photos to us (and present them through our web page as we do every year), is:
From Athens in Hellas, we from the House of Thyrsos, shall Light our Altar’s Fire on 22:00 hours (Hellas hour is +2 hours Greenwich Time).

Invitation to Solstice's Beacons in Hellas and Brazil! Wintersolstice%20banner2788%20copy

Invitation to Solstice's Beacons in Hellas and Brazil! Thyrsosposter

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